Informal Discussion

What can you do if you are not doing clicker questions or lecturing?
    - interactive videos/demonstrations
    - model correct problem-solving strategies

Flipped classrooms
    - does the research support the fact that these are better for the students than traditional lectures?
    - do students get more out of a live lecture than they do out of a video
    - if we are asking students to watch videos on their computer, won't they be distracted by other things
    - would the best idea to do both lecturing and flipping in the classroom? Then you're asking the students to spend a lot of time in the classroom.
    - usually there are questions after the video lectures, so the students have to spend time watching the video
    - those classrooms need to be deep enough that students can't just skim the video to find the answer
    - do flipped classrooms work differently for lower div courses than they do for upper div courses?
    - is it too stressful for students (every day there is some sort of quiz-like scenario)?
        - this is college - it's supposed to be preparing them for real life
        - the struggle is where the learning happens
        - learning is difficult - it doesn't always make the students happy
        - the point of teaching is not to make the students happy - it is about to help the students learn the material
    - is it the job of a teacher to teach the material AND to provide emotional/psychological support?

Structured classrooms
    - it's important to be clear about the desired classroom structure from day one ("this is what office hours are for. this is what discussion sections are for.", etc)

How do you know what's going on in students' heads?
    - ask one student how they went about solving a problem
    - cold-calling requires all students to be ready to solve the problem
    - how do you do that without scorings students away?
    - In a large class, do classroom discussions actually engage the class as a whole, or only a small fraction (and not the people you are trying to reach)?
        - is it better if you are cold-calling and asking students if they agree with each other?
    - Can we set up a camera at the front of the classroom and film the students' reactions to different pedagogical strategies