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UCLA Symposium on Teaching Physics to Life Scientists

158 Hershey Hall

All-day event. Speakers include Professors Edward Redish (University of Maryland), David Webb (UC Davis), Nancy Beverly (Mercy College), and Catherine Crouch (Swarthmore College).  Each speaker will lead a discussion about their experiences implementing didactic and laboratory courses in physics designed specifically for life science majors.  Details to follow in subsequent CEILS mailers. This event is jointly sponsored by the Deans of Physical and Life Sciences.  Current and future faculty teaching at the interface of physics and biology are strongly encouraged to participate in this exciting event.
**NOTE: In addition to the one-day workshop, some of the speakers will be on campus an extra day (Wednesday, Feb. 25th) to meet in smaller groups or with individual faculty.  If you are interested in meeting with speakers after the event, please contact CEILS Director Dr. Erin Sanders (